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OpenLabel is an angel backed startup founded in Amsterdam and San Francisco.


high frequency converter system for acoustic separation of particles

A prototype designed to test the idea that sound waves can be used to extract solid particles from flowing water.

This concept can be applied to treating waste water, or in developing nations as the first step towards water filtration without the need for traditional material filters. The prototype showed promising results under laboratory conditions.


1kW inverter system for distributed generation systems

Australia's winning entry for the IEEE International Future Energy Challenge 2005.

A new trend in electric power generation is distributed generation. The concept involves the electricity "consumer" generating electricity for their own needs, and to send their surplus electrical power back into the power grid. A distributed generation system can therefore meet local peak loads, reduce transmission losses, and displace the need to build additional distribution lines.


an innovative, efficient current-fed push-pull grid connectable inverter for distributed generation systems

Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 2006. PESC '06. 37th IEEE

Holmes, D.G.; Atmur, P.; Beckett, C.C.; Bull, M.P.; Kong, W.Y.; Luo, W.J.; Ng, D.K.C.; Sachchithananthan, N.; Su, P.W.; Ware, D.P.; Wrzos, P.



Developed audio visualization code featured in the iOS-based music game.


GoPublic for iPhone

GoPublic public transport app.

Developed iOS code and implemented compression algorithms on transit data.


small form-factor controller card for power electronics applications

Based on an Texas Instruments F28069 MCU, this tiny controller card powered's entry in the 2014 Google Little Box Challenge.


Devergy Platform

Devergy is a social energy utility, providing a reliable, affordable electricity service to low-income people in developing countries.



Bridging the worlds of DJ and live performance.

Based on NXP LPC54x Cortex-M4 with MIDI, USB-MIDI and ProDJ Link protocol support.