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Cardinia Mini converts Pioneer DJ Touch Preview and Link Cue audio signals to work with any mixer, letting you get on with the mix.


  • USB port for power and firmware updates
  • Ethernet port for link connection
  • RCA stereo out with high quality audio converters
  • 4 tri-colour LEDs for status indication

Whats in the box:

  • Cardinia Mini board
  • Ethernet cable
  • RCA Audio cable
  • USB cable

Simple Plug and Play operation:

Connect the USB cable to power, the Ethernet cable to your network, and the RCA audio cable into any spare mixer channel. No need for setup or configuration.

Compatible with:

  • CDJ-3000

NOTE: If a DJM is detected on the same network, Cardinia Mini will automatically disable itself and let the DJM take priority.

Front Panel LEDs:

System LED Link LED
Network LED Conflict LED

System LED Network LED Link LED Conflict LED
System Ready ☀ Green
Conflict ☀ Red
No Network Detected ☀ Red
Connecting to Network ☀ Orange
Connected to Network ● Green
Connecting to Link ☀ Orange
Connected to Link
with Activity
● Green with
☀ Orange

☀ - Blinking, ● - Solid

Connection Diagram:

Open Source:

Parts of Cardinia Mini are published open source.


Based on the awesome work of the dysentery project.